Lindsay Lohan Has Outsmarted America with Her Business Sense

Lindsay Lohan is probably one of the most talked about stars today. People have watched her transformation from a promising child star, to a multimedia music and fashion hit. Now, it’s looking like she’s destined to become just another person who became famous too young, and is fated to flame out…. or is she? When looking at the entire arc of her career, it’s possible that Lohan is going to be the one getting the last laugh with a series of savvy marketing choices.

Starting Young

The fascination America has with child stars goes beyond just watching a cute kid perform. People enjoy watching someone grow up on screen. While Lindsay Lohan might not have been old enough to plan so far ahead when she began her acting career, it cannot be denied that it put her into a perfect position for catching and holding the audience’s hearts. In addition to the connection that taking on roles at such a young age created with the audience, this early exposure to the industry allowed her to create a network of contacts while learning the way the entertainment business works.


While Lindsay Lohan’s acting garnered her a surprising amount of acclaim from such luminaries as Meryl Streep, this starlet has even more to offer. In this day and age, people are encouraged to work on their brand and add as many accomplishments as they can to their resumes. This is the marketing of the new century, and with a prominent music career under her belt and a line of clothing, Lohan is showing that she knows how it works. Not content to simply coast on one talent, she has used all of her various abilities to put as much of herself out there as possible, which makes her an extremely recognizable and sought after face.

Growing Up

It’s often the case for child stars that it becomes difficult for them to shake the childlike image they cultivated in their early career. Different stars have tried different approaches, either intentionally or by accident. Some child actors drop out of sight for a while, and pursue other interests. However, this often means they have to build an entirely new name for themselves when they step back into the limelight. Lindsay Lohan kept her media presence going steadily throughout her career, never dropping out of the public eye and this has worked in her favor.

Getting In Trouble

It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of the gossip rags. After a string of very public drug and alcohol related legal troubles, many may think that Lohan’s marketing chops are less than stellar, but is this really the case? After a string of movies that didn’t quite perform and a few shaky merchandising ventures, it would have been all too easy to fade into obscurity. Or, these failures could be used as a jumping off point, keeping Lohan in the public eye. In today’s easily distracted, fast paced entertainment environment, the axiom “no press is bad press” is truer than ever.

Social Media Presence

Nearly anyone who has a computer and an internet connection is on some kind of social media. For famous people, this is an opportunity for putting themselves out there in a way that their audience has never had the ability to experience before. Now it’s possible for fans to communicate with their favorite stars on a personal level which is unprecedented, and Lindsay Lohan has accepted this opportunity with open arms, and with 4.5 million followers, she has a ready audience for any platform she chooses.

Paid Endorsements

In her early career, Lindsay appeared in over 60 ads, for such diverse services as Pizza Hut, Jell-O, and Wendy’s. Many starlets would have used this as a mere stepping stone, but Lindsay Lohan decided that there was real power in endorsements in today’s marketing scene. Rather than abandoning that tactic, Lohan has made herself an empire of plugging products. Her white-hot Philipp Plein advertisements garnered national attention, and proved that she could still use her looks to her advantage. Even under house arrest, Lohan found time to make a spot for

Many look at Lohan’s life and see a disaster, but if you look closer, you can see a series of smart marketing choices. Regardless how you feel about her personal choices, the positive effect they’ve had on Lindsay Lohan’s personal branding is indisputable. Very few in the world do not know her name, and marketers are clamoring to use that easy recognition to further their own business strategies.