LinkedIn – The Most Overused Buzzwords

Many business owners have ventured into the social media scene.  LinkedIn is one of the most popular business related social networks on the web.  When you look at your LinkedIn profile, what are the words that you use to describe yourself?  Many people use the word “creative”, and many others to describe themselves.  Since 2012 has come to a close, LinkedIn has compiled a list of the buzzwords that have been most overused.  “Creative” was at the top of the list again this year.

LinkedIn has taken a look at millions of profiles across the world and has come up with this list of words that are overused most often:

1. creative

2. organizational

3. effective

4. motivated

5. extensive experience

6. track record

7. innovative

8. responsible

9. analytical

10. problem solving

If you look at your profile and see these words to describe yourself, you might want to revamp your profile.  There are many other great adjectives that can be used to help you set yourself apart from the masses on the social networking site.  Try to come up with more creative words to use, and it could help you to get better results.