Marketing Strategy to Super-Size Your Business

Every business owner knows that they need some kind of marketing strategy if they want to succeed, but the world of marketing can be very intimidating. With the growing power and allure of online marketing, even veterans in the marketing industry can feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Where do you turn to even begin to get help for something so vital, but so capricious?

A Rare Set of Skills

James White has a unique combination of talents and attributes. As the youngest CEO ever listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, he has more internet knowledge than many of his older associates who grew up in a different time but he has the wisdom and experience of someone who’s spent many years in business and marketing. In addition to this, as a motivational speaker and a five time published author, James White knows how to communicate his ideas effectively so that you can understand the strategy he’s using and why it works.

Entrepreneurial spirit

James White has created many companies, starting them from the ground up and whipping them into shape until they blossomed into successful businesses. It started at the age of 12, when James White started J & W Lawn Care and Snow Removal, which went on to accept contracts from Canada Post, until it was sold in 2005. This business was vital in helping James earn his first million at the age of 16. Because of these series of successes, he has insight into the needs of small businesses and new businesses, and knows the challenges that a small business marketing strategy presents.

Marketing Expert

This level of success was bound to attract attention and after a series of mentions in print and television appearances, James started devoting more time to advising others how to achieve his level of success. In addition to his business ventures, James has written five books on marketing and business, offered his consulting services, and has given motivational speeches. His consulting clients call him their secret weapon and his advice has been a huge help to many small business owners.

What James Can Do for You

James White can work with your business to find a viable marketing strategy that works with you, whether you wish to focus on an online marketing strategy or one in the real world. Online businesses require one set of tactics to generate buzz, while brick and mortar stores require another. However, both types of businesses can benefit from a great marketing campaign. Versed in a variety of approaches, James White has a mastery of various marketing media and can utilize each to its fullest potential.

With so many marketing firms available, trying to find one that will work for your business may seem impossible. But many marketers have no firsthand knowledge of how a business needs to grow. Since he’s actually done these things himself, James White’s experience may make the difference between a marketing strategy that’s good in theory and one based on wisdom.