Musicians Need Online Reputation Management Too

When many people think about online reputation management, large companies tend to come to mind. However, businesses are certainly not the only entities that need to have quality rep management to stay out of hot water. Celebrities of all types, including musicians, need to think about their online reputation as well, especially since that’s where most people will be learning about the musician.

Keep in mind that it’s about far more than just the music. You could be a fantastic musician, but saying and doing certain things without thinking can cause people to turn on you quickly. Think about the PR nightmare that is Kanye West. While it is hard to argue that he really is a musical genius given the success of his albums, as well as all the work where he’s acted as a producer, his reputation continually takes hits. The only reason that he’s still at the top is because he’s been around for a long time and has enough time, money, and PR to weather just about any storm.

However, most musicians do not have those luxuries. That’s why it is important to understand how to get a handle on your reputation so you can stay in the good graces of fans and so you can bring in new fans.

Musicians are in the public eye, and the things they do and say are followed by a large number of people. This is even true of smaller bands and artists who are yet to “break out”. In fact, the period where your popularity is growing is potentially the most important, and that’s why you need to pay close attention to the things that you post online. As a musician, you may have the freedom to be a little more controversial with the things you say. However, you still have to be responsible with the information that you put out there and realize that there will be some who do not like it.

Since you are a musician, you will also find that the things you say can spread faster online, and last longer, than it does for most people. Before you post on social media or speak out in an interview, try to think about the impact your words will have. Make a conscious choice of what you are going to say and own it, or prepare to do some online reputation management.