Online and In-House Recruitment

If you find that you are spending too much on recruiting, then you might want to consider a few alternative options for recruitment. Many companies find that in-house recruiting is one of the best ways to find great candidates.Some companies also find that automated online processes can be another great way to find new employees. Train your HR staff to coordinate these processes in order to find quality candidates for the positions that you have available within your company.

First, you might want to start by posting your job opportunities over your Intranet, or on your website. If you have a large business, you will likely have a great deal of traffic to your website. By using the internet to recruit new hires, you will be able to have a much broader range of access.

If you are using the Intranet to recruit in-house, you will find that your target audience is already those who are loyal to your company.  Some employees may have additional skills, and they will be able to use their qualifications to find the jobs that will best suit them.You might also ask for referrals from your employees. They can use their social networking skills to find candidates that would fit right in with your business.

If you want to reach a larger audience, you might want to consider using online job boards.Online job boards offer recruiting, and generally they recruit people who specialize in the particular industry that you are looking for. Job boards can have a unique focus.Some may focus on particular industries, categories, niches or location.You can choose the job boards that best meet your needs.Some may actually take the time to screen applicants, which can save you some valuable time and resources.

One of the better job boards is Service Canada’s Job Bank.This bank will allow you to post your jobs for free, and will also allow you to accept the applications over the web.They utilize a Job Match tool that helps people match their qualifications with open positions.  It can be a great way to hire new employees on a budget.