Online Reputation Horror Stories

You are only as good and as successful as your reputation will allow you to be. This has always been the case, and it is even more noticeable in today’s digital world. When you have a bad reputation, negativity follows you. If you have a business that gets a bad reputation, it could be the end of it. Let’s look at a couple of examples of reputation horror stories, so you can learn how best to avoid becoming one of the statistics.

There is no monopoly on saying stupid things online. Go to any comments section on just about any article or review on the web, and you will find plenty of it. You will find stupidity, hate, and vitriol in droves. However, this mostly comes from individuals who hide behind the shield of anonymity. Every once in a while though, it comes from a high profile individual or company, and the fireworks are soon to follow.

The case of Amy’s Baking Company is an example that will probably spring to the minds of many people. They had a bad experience on Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay, when they kept pointing fingers at everyone else for the faults in their eatery. They admitted to firing more than 100 people, taking tips from the wait-staff, fighting with customers and more. When they started to receive backlash online, they struck back with a series of angry, foul posts directed at everyone. Essentially, they went crazy online.

A couple of years ago, an employee running the Twitter account for KitchenAid posted an anti-Obama tweet. He later claimed it was a mistake and meant to post it on a different account. The company deleted the tweet and issued an apology. The fact that people are still mentioning it more than three years later goes to show that the web has a longer memory than some people believe.

Keep watch on the web, and you will start to notice more and more of these stories whether they come from celebrities or companies. People say and do things that get them into hot water almost constantly. Anyone can make mistakes, and some people do not learn from them. Your online reputation is important though, so make sure you do not become one of the next big news stories!