Personal Services – A Business For Under $100

Personal Services businessUniqueness is a nice attribute to market. As millions of people try to coexist peacefully, and all try to succeed in their own ways, being unique is becoming harder and harder. Sure, everyone is unique. But in a business sense, this does not hold all that much weight. Being unique is a marketable aspect of oneself that can cause prosperity and financial comfort. For many businesses and demands, uniqueness is required. Without being unique, you may have no value. Without being unique, the competition will crush you.

If you have a unique aspect about yourself, consider turning that into a profitable venture. The business of personal services is highly touted and regarded. The arts are widely considered personal services because of the sheer variety in delivery. The talent aspect comes into play as well, as you deliver art in many forms as a highly qualified personal service. These artistic qualities are very individualistic. As well with art, people can become truly affected and attached to a specific creator. Trent Reznor, front man of Nine Inch Nails and industrial music producer, has a very specific artistic sound. His most recent output has involved his signature style and sound for designing soundtracks. One such soundtrack for the Facebook-infused 2010 movie the Social network won awards and was considered a phenomenal piece of art. His personal service was unique to him, as, ideally, no one would be able to deliver the type of artistic service (a soundtrack) as Reznor, in his signature style. His business was in writing this soundtrack, and it was a personal service providing.

But you do not need to be a mega-popular producer to follow this trend. If you manage to provide a unique service in any medium, you will be highly touted. If you gain a following and a great track record, you will be monumentally successful. Many musicians return to the same designers for each of their album covers, as their signature artistic style molds beautifully with the vision the group has. This exclusivity and signature stylistic choice allows the artist to find a niche and charge appropriately premium prices.

A personal service business industry is extremely lucrative if you find a niche and can deliver quality. Notably, a personal service is a very individual delivery. You are hired because you supply a product or service that not many others can do. This “uniqueness” makes you special, and regarded with careful alarm. You are able to charge exclusively high amounts because of the likely peculiar service you provide.

Keep in mind, you may not be offering a unique service in itself. For example, massaging is a personal service almost strictly exclusive for licensed massage therapists. Yes, massaging is a personal service. But we are discussing with the theme of “uniqueness” is less about fitting a normal statute, but expanding into more peculiar states of uniqueness. An example could be, say, massaging only using your feet. Perhaps you can massage with your feet with impeccable skill. This delivery is personal, it is unique, and it is fascinating. If you deliver appropriately, you charge appropriately. This example seems bizarre but it represents how bizarre personal services can get. Of course, it is suggested you stay within the legal limits. But with that, feel free to use any uniqueness and specialization to your advantage to succeed on a notoriously niche level. Too niche, you may have no customers. But there is almost nothing too niche in the world of business. Carefully supplant your skill set with something uniquely you.

Starting a personal service business is all about finding the specific service you can provide. Touching on artistic qualities help, but there may be something else in your repertoire. If you lack a signature styling, this business is simply not one to venture into. The idea is to market a very specific attribute to hopefully gain a larger following and critical respect. Below are just a few mediums you can explore the creation of a personal service, from very vague to comically specific:

  • Amusement park design
  • Writing
  • Inventing
  • Graphic design
  • Church chapel painting
  • Marketing
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Woodcarving

Personal services are a practical and individual business venture. Starting by building a team is not an apt way to go about marketing yourself. Find a niche service that you can provide, and begin by using social media to explore marketing. If your skills are talented and appealing, customers will come to you. Use popular video website YouTube to showcase your talents and hopefully garner a fan base. Approach this business with a unique and fresh perspective. Many of your practical business principles may not apply to a business that is individualistic and based on raw talent. By exploring social media, you can obtain an audience that may resort to being customers. Many artists use Photobucket to showcase their artwork. Many individuals use YouTube as a means to radiate their creative outpouring, and hopefully gain a base of fascinated customers.

You are not restricted by a local following if the service you provide is virtual. But personal services are a vast and exploratory adventure into the very recesses of human desire. Using art and appeal, you can craft a formidable following for yourself. The typical small business construct may not apply. Reach for the sky with a service that is uniquely you, and uniquely satisfying. Many individuals have found massive success through providing a service they feel passionate towards. Explore your artistic side as a veritable business venture.