RackLot Becoming A Leader In The Dedicated Server Niche

RackLot (www.racklot.com), established in 2009, now celebrating its 3 year birthday celebration, is quickly becoming a leader in the dedicated server niche. After the new year their dedicated servers all got upgraded to 10 TB bandwidth.

RackLot uses premium bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 carrier providers including: Level 3 Communications, Global Crossing, Inc., and Highwinds. This configuration, coupled with their Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), provides information flow redundancy and ensures your traffic follows the best routing path(s) at all times.

We asked Graham Marran about RackLot’s bandwidth network: “Our diverse and redundant path availability means your data keeps flowing, your connections remain solid, and your response times are optimized to avoid latency. Additionally, our certified on-site staff at the data center analyzes traffic 24/7 to maintain the highest network performance levels.”

The RackLot network is engineered to provide the utmost in reliability and speed. The pure Cisco backbone is directly connected via redundant dedicated ten-gigabit uplinks to Tier 1 providers, and managed by certified on-site technicians in their network operation center (NOC) to ensure maximum uptime.

Again, we asked Graham Marran to shed some light on their network performance: “We also underutilize our network to keep it nimble during any potential Internet routing issues. Even during peak hours, we never use more than 50% of our capacity. And if one network provider goes offline, your traffic is automatically routed to another available provider during the outage so your online presence remains undisturbed.”

RackLot has also implemented various Green strategies. According to their website are currently implemented:

  • Variable frequency drives automatically reduce a motor’s speed and power in the instance of a lower system load. Our configuration is proven to have the lowest per-unit energy consumption in the industry.
  • The medium voltage power distribution system uses less copper than many standard data centers, resulting in less conduit required, fewer duct banks, and improved power distribution.
  • Motion light sensors throughout the data center floor significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • The use of Ultrasonic humidifiers maintains proper data center conditions, without adding any heat into the space.
  • The S&C PureWave UPS system features a 99 percent efficiency rating.
  • The V-frame coil design in our CRAH units has the lowest per-unit energy consumption in the industry and utilizes the least amount of floor space.
  • The McQuay Modular Central Plants have zero ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule under the Montreal Protocol.
  • By consistently evaluating new technologies, designs and energy options, Phoenix NAP maximizes overall data center efficiencies.

Looking at the servers they offer, it seems like the pricing is very reasonable. Their server range starts at only $69 USD and is completely month to month, now that’s a deal you can’t resist in comparison to other providers.

With their reliable network infrastructure, affordable servers and dedicated support, RackLot will be one of the companies I will keep my eye on this year, in the web hosting industry.