Can You Really “Rent” Celebrities?

While many people have been lusting after their favorite celebrities for years, watching their movies and films on the charts and the big screens, following their Tweets, now they can bring them home.  Today, renting a celebrity has become a great new fad which might actually remain within your budget.

For example, Reality TV shows are to thank for this, as they have turned out many new “celebrities” than were ever available before, celebrities who can attend your wedding or bat mitzvah. No matter your budget there is a celebrity to match. Anyone can hire a celebrity for any event.

Did you know that you can hire a playboy model for one night for only $1,000 to $1,500. Hiring Lady Gaga to play, will cost you a few million though. Musicians are some of the most popular celebrities to rent because they can rock. Lady Gaga costs renters an average of two million dollars. For just $1.5 million you can rent Metallica. Pit Bull can rock your teen birthday for only $300,000 – remember you may have to pay for the appearance fee, the flight, hotel, food, and ground transportation. Many artists will also only fly on private jets. Did you know that the cast of Jersey Shore can be individually rented for between $5,000 and $25,000 per night.

Employees love to meet popular actors, musicians, or entertainers at corporate events over attending a spa, beach trip, or sporting event. No matter the job, there are celebrities to match. Auto dealers can book celebrities from the show “Repo Men” or the show “American Chopper”.  Architect conferences can book the winner from “Celebrity Apprentice”. That being said, when you enter the non-musical celebrity zone you will find that Kim Kardashian will attend an event for $125,000.

There are of course A-list stars who cannot be bought. They will not brand themselves through personal gigs no matter how much money is being offered. Tom Cruise, Josh Duhamel, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Timberlake are among this group. Of course athletes can also make celebrity appearances. Local appearances made by Tim Tebow cost $50,000 while out of town visits cost $65,000 plus expenses. Churches call for him, sports groups, and motivational groups.

Sports heroes set up different rates than other celebrities. They generally are based off of net worth. For Shaq with a net worth of over $500 million, a personal appearance costs around $100,000. Michael Jordon will only attend one or two personal gigs per year at the rate of $2 million. You can rent older sports legends for a much cheaper price.  For example, Walt Frazer only costs around $20,000.

If you are throwing a party and you want a private musical performance, you can rent that too. Jerry Jeff Walker will now play house parties for $30,000. This is an especially popular trend for those people who enjoy country or blues music. People can charge for house concerts at $10 per ticket.

Private clubs can hire Bob Dylan and charge $75 per ticket.

Stars who behave badly and are recognized by the media might also attract renters’ attention. For instance, every time Charlie Sheen is noted for bad behavior, his bookings increase. He flies all over the world for $250,000 plus private travel jets.

When celebrities are booked, a 50% deposit is required. The balance is then due before the event, when the star arrives at the hotel, or while they are conducting a sound check.