Robert De Niro: Acting Legend and Smart Entrepreneur

Nearly everyone knows Robert De Niro’s name, he is one of the most influential people in Hollywood. His filmography contains a list of some of the most important, artistically relevant films of the 20th century. In addition to winning several awards and entrancing people with his signature style of method acting, De Niro is a talented business man with tons of successful projects.

Undeniable Talent

From the age of 10, when he played the cowardly lion in a school play, Robert De Niro knew he was born to act. In his teenage years, he attended the Stella Adler conservatory as well as the prestigious Actor’s Studio. After some early roles, he went on to star in such vital films as Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, and Deerhunter. Later he began to expand beyond his typical dramatic characters with comedic turns in films like Brazil, Midnight Run, and Analyze This, all of which saw significant commercial success, critical success or both.

TriBeCa Real Estate

Throughout the years, De Niro has bought and sold properties in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York. His son, Raphael De Niro, is a retired actor turned real estate agent. The father and son team have bought and sold many properties in the prestigious neighborhood, not just for personal profit, but with an eye towards improving the overall quality and economic situation of the neighborhood.

TriBeCa Film Festival

This film festival, backed by Robert De Niro, is a response to the economic depression in the area following the 9-11 tragedy. The festival shows a vast variety of films of all genres, from high concept art films to family friendly fare. In addition, film makers are offered the chance to present talks, offer workshops on helping other artists to achieve their vision, as well as family activities and dining. The festival attracts hundreds of thousands of film goers, who have the option to choose from hundreds of films. The festival has done a lot to revitalize downtown Manhattan.


In addition to his film pursuits, Robert De Niro is an avid food connoisseur, who has put up the capital for several high class eateries in his beloved TriBeCa neighborhood, including TriBeCa Grill, Locanda Verde and Nobu. The restaurant, Nobu is of particular interest to many, due to its unique fusion cuisine, created by noted chef Nobu Matsuhisa. This unique style combines Japanese and Peruvian cooking, creating something totally new. De Niro has worked to make the Nobu name a chain, opening three locations in New York, as well as in Honolulu, Malibu and Miami Beach.

Not many people would have done what Robert De Niro has done; after defining an entire era of film, most of us would have been content to call it a day. However, with a series of savvy business investments, with an eye toward spreading culture across the world, this great actor has proven he’s more than a talented artist, he’s a smart negotiator with a desire to see others enjoy the finer things in life.