Running an Environmentally Friendly Business

Business owners are recognizing the importance of running an environmentally friendly business. You should not only make sure that the operations of your business are green, but that you also motivate your employees to be green as well.

Some businesses already have some great concepts implemented to ensure that they are being environmentally responsible, but in most cases there is a lot more than can be done. Start by asking for the input of your employees. Try to get them to give their input about new ways that you can improve your business to be eco-friendly. This will motivate them, and it will also help to reduce your environmental footprint.

Most of the successful businesses include their employees in many of their efforts because it helps to promote team work. It also helps to make sure that your employees are happy and appreciated. If they are happier, they will usually have a more positive outlook on their job and will also be more productive. This can provide you with great word of mouth marketing, which is sometimes the most effective way to attract new business.

What ideas do you think that your employees will suggest? Will you be ready to take on these ideas and implement them? Try to make sure that you have some money budgeting for this before you get started. Some changes won’t cost as much as others, and there are even some changes that can save you some money. Here are some great ideas:

• Recycling
• Installing water fountains
• Effective thermostat management
• Reducing packaging materials
• Buying locally
• Planting trees
• Offering incentives for carpooling
• Turning off office equipment when it’s not in use

Try some of these, and leave the floor open for suggestion from your employees as well.