Sandra Bullock Has The Brains Behind The Pretty Face

Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock has talent that stretches beyond a starring role in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. A visionary Texas entrepreneur, Bullock owns two highly successful eateries in the state’s capital of Austin.

Renovating Historic Austin Buildings 

Part of the charm of the restaurant and bakery Sandra Bullock has opened in downtown Austin is the way she has had the best of the buildings preserved and renovated. The restaurant’s design preserves the old historic brick columns, iron railings and wood timbers. Adding to the historic aspects of the restaurant are new and unique tiles, antique mirrors, etched glass, rich pecan wood work and whimsical art. The bakery is light and airy with exposed wooden beams and brick. Wonderfully fragrant, the bakery includes a florist shop with some of the most luscious flowers and plants in Austin. Topping it all off are Sandra Bullock branded organic candles for sale as well as gracing the tables.

Bess Bistro

 Bess Bistro is the first business Sandra Bullock opened in Austin in 2006. Half a dozen years later the restaurant has not only survived a sluggish economy, but has thrived due to the owner’s talent at giving customers what they want – reasonably priced, delicious food expertly prepared by a gifted chef and served by a caring wait staff in a casually elegant atmosphere. The restaurant’s building was originally the Stratford Apartments built in 1918. The vintage building included a bank, and the old vault is now the bistro’s kitchen. A wonderful selection of adult beverages is served at a stunning solid pewter bar. Bullock supervised every aspect of the bistro’s construction and food selection.

Walton’s Fancy and Staple

 From the restored woodwork to the solid brass bathroom fixtures, no expense was spared in Walton’s Fancy and Staple design. The Austin bakery’s décor is vintage 1960, with many items hand-selected by Sandra Bullock. Growing up in a family that enjoyed entertaining, her bakery is well-stocked with a scrumptious selection of delectable goodies, thick sandwiches and party foods. The flower and candle shop give the bakery extra charm and further emphasize the talent of Sandra Bullock for entrepreneurship as well as theater. Both the flowers and bakery treats are reasonably priced and the whole package is topped off with a state-of-the-art espresso machine that brews heavenly coffee blends.

Environmentally Friendly

Being an environmentally aware entrepreneur, Bullock carries her commitment to protecting and preserving the environment to her culinary business ventures. Both Bess Bistro and Walton’s Fancy and Staple feature take out containers, cups and utensils that are biodegradable. Although they appear to be made of polystyrene foam, they are actually made of natural sugar cane which is organic and environmentally friendly. The foods and sweets are made from healthy, organic ingredients and their delicious flavors keep customers coming back for more.

Sandra Bullock may have one successful career portraying comical, thrill seeking heroines on the big screen, but she has another equally successful career as a culinary entrepreneur. Just as going the extra mile in Hollywood earned her an Oscar, cutting no corners in Austin, Texas has paid off with 2 successful eateries packed with customers.