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Everyone, even business owners do this at one time or another – you Google your name. The Reason? To see the good, the bad, and the ugly attached to your name online. Sometimes you are delighted with what you find, other times you will be un-pleasantly surprised to find negative material. Ever wonder if this could be one of the reasons why your business is slow, or why you never got a call back from that interview?

The first action your customers or prospective associates make before deciding to do business with you is to search your name on Google. Positive search results can mean winning new clients and customers, but negative results can lead to a debilitating loss of business. You could be 100% confident that your brand should get nothing but positive results, but still end up with negative information in your search results or reviews. True or not, those results will cause you to lose that lead. So, do you know what search results your prospective consumers or associates get?

Like, WebCred® is a service developed to put you in control of your online reputation. But only with WebCred®, will you have access to the following services at a price that is right for you:

  • Search Result Monitoring: This means that we will monitor your name and brand on the internet. When your name is mentioned or tied to a review, product or article, good or bad, we will find it for you. Knowing what is out there is half the battle.
  • Negative Material Resolution: We can help resolve issues which may be resulting in lost business through the enhancement of positive information, and the evanescence of the negative. Some examples of negative material we can help with include:
    • Biased or inaccurate web articles
    • Overstated comments and business reviews
    • Falsified or no longer relevant legal issues
    • Hostile blog posts
    • Damaging forum threads
    • When the world is out to get you or your brand