SEO and Article Spinning

Writers can often times have a difficult time coming up with original ideas to write about.  If you are teaching a particular idea, then chances are there is someone out there that has already done it before.  While you are able to spin it creatively and make it your own, the article may sound a lot like other articles out there.  There are really only so many ways to say the facts.

This is something that is known as article spending, and it has been up for debate for quite a while.  There is a fine line out there between what is okay, and what is not okay when it comes to article spinning.

When Article Spinning Does Work

Article spinning is something that must be done correctly in order for it to be effective.  There is a right way to spin articles.  Google and other search engines will not pick up on article spinning fit he articles are different enough than some older articles, even if they have some of the same information.  The key is to manually spin the articles, and not rely on an automated program to spin them.

Manual spinning is not always the easiest thing in the world.  Here are some tips that can help you out:

  • Ensure that you don’t have two sentences that are the same.  This is plagiarism.  Article spinning should be about putting the information into your own words, and not copying the sentences the way they are.
  • Don’t steal opinions. People can come up with great opinions, but if you are not crediting them for their opinions then it is considered plagiarism.
  • Use more than one source for ideas.  If you are writing articles based on other articles on the web, make sure that you research ideas and use other sources to help prevent plagiarism.
  • Don’t spin the same articles already on the web.  Writing articles is all about giving your visitors something new to read.  This is not something that will happen if you spin the same content each time.

When Article Spinning Doesn’t Work

There are a lot of times that article spinning can actually hurt your site more than it helps it.  This is especially true when you use article spinning software.  Google bots hate to see content that is written poorly, and most of the time article spinning software doesn’t produce good content.   This is why software should never be used:

  • Synonyms – a majority of the time the software will just use synonyms to make the content unique.  This really doesn’t add much value for the reader.
  • Unethical – article spinning software doesn’t provide a new viewpoint or anything, and this is considered to be unethical.
  • Plagiarism – article spinning software will sometimes keep certain sentences the same.  This is considered plagiarism, or duplicate content.