SEO – Serving the Audience

Most of the site owners and marketing pros are looking for the tricks of the trade when it comes to SEO.  One of the biggest secrets when it comes to successful search engine optimization is to ensure that everything that you do targets your audience and not the search engines.

Here are a few tips to help you serve the audience:

1. Write for actual humans, not search engines.

You will want your site to come up high in search engine results, as this is the point behind SEO.  So many people find themselves trying to create the perfect content to optimize their sites for search engines that they forget that there are going to be actual readers out there viewing the content.  After all, search engines are not the ones that are going to buy what you have to offer. While your ranking is important, you will also want to have a good conversion rate.  Write for the audience, and you can help boost your conversion rates.

2. Focus on brand name awareness.

Unless you are offering a brand new product and a brand new brand, you will likely have an established brand.  Some people will stumble across your site through searches of the particular brand you have to offer.  SEO can help people to find your site, even if they have not visited it before.  You must focus on building up your brand so that you will show up high on the rankings.  You will not want to target a single keyword, as this puts all of your eggs into the same basket.  This will alienate a portion of your audience.  You should focus on using social media, content marketing, online PR, video marketing and other marketing tools to build your brand up and make it more trusted.

3. Don’t seek out the short term wins over long term success. 

While it might be difficult to see the bigger picture, it is definitely more important.  You should focus on the long term.  What you do with your SEO at the moment may not bring you any cash to your pocket right away, but overall will have a big impact on the business.  Don’t use black hat SEO tactics to speed things up, as this can really just give you a short term win instead of long term success.

4. Consider your visitor’s needs. 

While creating the resource page on your site, you should focus on the sites that are going to be most useful to your visitors.  You should remember that the links that you provide are a direct reflection of your site.  Make sure that you offer links to sites that your visitors would find useful.