Small Business Tips for New Twitter Users

If you are using Twitter for the first time for your small business, you may not really know where to begin.  Sure, many businesses use it to their advantage and have a lot of success in doing so.  Here are a few tips that will help you to make the most of your Twitter experience so that it actually becomes beneficial for your business.

  • Don’t make false assumptions when it comes to your Tweets.  There have been many companies out there that have made mistakes on their Twitter accounts by tweeting information that was incorrect.  You should learn from their mistakes and ensure that you don’t do the same thing.
  • Don’t leave your Twitter profile avatar the default picture.  Instead, replace it with a photo of yourself or a snapshot of your business logo.  This will help your business to seem more personable and more professional.
  • Ensure that your posts are related to your industry.  You will not want to make any negative comments about any of your competitors, and you will also not want to post anything that could be deemed as controversial.  You should try to ensure that all posts stay on subject and don’t veer off into the left field.
  • Link your Twitter account to all of your marketing information.  You should do this with both online marketing materials and offline marketing materials.  You also need to check your Twitter page regularly to ensure that you are staying up to date with everything.  People use Twitter often times when they need help with something.

Keep your Tweets genuine.  You will want them to be an accurate representation of you and your business.  People will usually be more apt to purchase from a small business if they are familiar with the person who owns it and the story that they have to tell.