Start a Wedding Consultant Business For Just Under $100

For many, the definitive all-encompassing day of their lives is their wedding day. As the average price for a wedding sky rockets, the demand and lucrative nature of being a wedding consultant improves exponentially. Weddings occur millions of times a year, and come in many forms. Many want small weddings that include a handful of family and a modest dinner. Others choose, often with the financial backing of loved ones, a wedding that involves musicians, dancers, flowers on every table, and extravagance around every corner. The sheer volume of weddings every year, plus the variety of weddings that occur, being a wedding consultant, or a wedding planner, offers a unique perspective into the underbelly of love.

Wedding consulting is a catch-all task. As a wedding consultant, you tend to highlight and manage the goings of a wedding in many different platforms. In a large wedding, a planner is required to accomplish the completion of the wedding on all levels. This often includes the musicians and music being provided, licenses for the bride and groom to confirm marriage legally, as well as preparation of vendors. Vendors include floral arrangements, food, and other such miscellaneous aspects of a wedding. The wedding planner also involves themselves actively with the reception of the wedding, and the wedding rehearsal. With all these components, do not forget to establish a date, location, and the thematic element of the wedding, if necessary. A wedding consultant balances all these various aspects, while also maintaining a steady budget throughout.

Having a quality wedding with no issues is almost impossibility. Juggling all these various aspects, while maintain the integrity and best wishes of the bride and groom, takes a special set of skills. It takes an exquisite balance of social communication and modesty, while an equally efficient style of time management. A passion for weddings does not hurt as well.

In all actuality, wedding consulting is an intensely difficult task. Even as you prepare a single wedding, you will likely be bombarded in all aspects of the wedding’s personality. Knowing that a successful and efficient wedding consultant prepares about 40 weddings a year, the task becomes difficult to downright intimidating.

Using traditional marketing outlets, you can extend yourself appropriately as a wedding planner. Use Internet searches and local marketing techniques to make people aware of your skills. Wedding planning is not a position or small business to begin if you have a niche skill set or focus. Wedding planners are required to cover and manage all facets of a wedding. Just as a grocery store manager cannot succeed with just a skill of organizing shelves nicely, a wedding planner cannot stand on one skill alone. They need to specialize in many arenas, and apply that to weddings. Manage and acknowledge your ability to time manage to succeed. As well, be self aware enough to know when and how you get frustrated. If that answer is anywhere near “easily,” wedding consulting is not for you.

Wedding consultants can flourish with proper business background. Where it is true that a wedding consultant to do their job without a direct background, it helps to have a concrete background in, at the very least, business. Time management as well as people management is tasks required by a competent wedding planner. With the wide amount of tasks required for a wedding consultant, it is not unheard of to obtain degrees in varying areas. Financial backgrounds help, as well as logistics or project management. In all actuality, wedding consulting is really just a subgenre of management. By understanding business principles, you can begin to grasp the needs and responsibilities of a wedding consultant.

An excellent wedding planner is not oblivious to the bride and groom. A quality wedding planner will apply their expertise to the task, while also accepting feedback from the bride and groom. In all reality, the bride and groom make the final decision. If this is an issue that can derail your expectations of being a wedding planner, this job may not be for you. As many who go into the business expect upmost control, they are limited by the decision making of the married.

This also segues into a wide opportunity for legal ramifications. A wedding planner who makes errors can have legal and personal issues plague them. Considering the significance of the event, an error could be fatal. Wedding consultants thrive on a quality track record. An error along the way could be disastrous in your future ability to garner clients.

A quality wedding planner will show their value. A bride and groom may find hiring a wedding planner to be unworthy of the price attached. As you begin the business, be aware of this barrier. Show your value by showcasing places where you have saved them money. For example, you may know a flower vendor who is cheaper. By showing a bride and groom the competition, and the fact that you found them a cheap alternative, it will give you value as a consultant. Always remain aware of your costs, and be conscious of your attitude. A pompous consultant who is disinterested in the affairs of the bride and groom beyond their “duty,” will likely fail.

A proper wedding consultant can work with the bride and groom to deliver something sensible. But the final choice is to them. As you explore this avenue for small business, compile information from all sources. Business is a healthy background, as is management. You do not need formal degrees exactly, but you do need a formal understanding of social interaction. Have a sense of humor about yourself, and leave frustrations aside. Wedding consulting is an industry for the thick-skinned and the emotionally invested.