Tyra Banks: Beautiful, Talented, and Business Savvy

Tyra Banks has a little bit of something for everyone. This multifaceted, talented woman has done a lot to promote her personal brand and bring all of her various talents into the public eye. Besides being so multi-talented, she has proven herself to be a smart business woman with her profitable production company, a Bankable production, which has created a wide variety of film and television hits.


Banks’ modeling career began at the age of fifteen. By the time she turned 19, she became a major player in the prestigious Paris Fashion Week, the premier trade show for the clothing and fashion industry. In her first season on the runway, she featured in an astonishing 25 shows, catapulting her into a career as an advertising model. In the course of this vocation, she has featured in ads for top designers such as Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Valentino. This early start provided a unique stepping off place for her later endeavors.

Film and Television

Using the proceeds from modeling, Tyra extended her media web outward, forming the basis of Bankable Productions (formerly Ty Ty Baby Productions). Starting with an appearance on the ever popular Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Banks exploded onto the screen, with diverse film and television roles. From the dramatic (Love & Basketball) to the comedic (Tropic Thunder), Tyra took on any role that appealed to her, many of which proved quite lucrative. From there, hits like America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show cemented her into the public consciousness.

Music and Print

While her various television enterprises form the basis of Bankable Productions’ revenue, Tyra has never hesitated to step outside of her television and film wheel houses. A surprisingly adept singer, she has released a single with Kobe Bryant, as well as singing in movie roles and featuring in music videos. In March 2011, a fashion and beauty website created by Tyra went live, providing tips to all of her fans. In September of that same year, her book, Modelland, became available for purchase, reaching the New York Times best seller list the next month.


In order to further cement her prowess as a great business woman, and to help with the management of Bankable Productions, Tyra decided that Harvard Business School’s nine week Owner/President Manager Program was the best way to acquire the skills she needed. In February of 2012, she passed the program, earning a certificate. While this is not a full degree, it is certain that Banks, who was named Forbes’ highest paid woman in prime time in 2009, will make the most of it. While history shows that Banks is a savvy business person in her own right, the extra help certainly can’t hurt.

Tyra Banks remains an inspiration and excellent role model to young girls; her great business sense and stellar work ethic shows that not all models are bubble headed. Aspiring celebrities can learn a lot from her ability to manage her affairs wisely while still following her dreams.