Dog Walking Business – Just Under $100

dog walker businessIf you love dogs, dog walking is a required business enterprise. If you love dogs enough, you will probably have the motivation to turn a nice little pastime into a fully fledged business opportunity. For those younger and still exploring the business world, dog walking is a fantastic opportunity to enter business without a full arsenal of knowledge.

At its core basis, dog walking is about walking dogs for those either physically incapable or too busy to do so. The audience for this business is rather limited. But this is what makes it so intriguing. Dog walking may be limited with its potential customer base, and your competitors may be prepubescent High School students, but the competition is flatteringly low key.

A professional dog walker only needs two legs and a desire to go outside to succeed. But people will not find you, at least early on. Always be aware of marketing as you expand and acquire clients. Try free services with your small budget, such as Craigslist or Google jobs. Some states require licenses to take care of animals, though it is not widely prevalent. You should always research possible licenses necessary so you do not run into legal issues. Yet it is wise to know that this requirement is relatively lax. Though I do not advise skipping the research of licenses, it is not essential instantly to obtain the proper licenses as you begin your dog walking business. Though I am sure having the proper license sustains your credibility and will assist in you finding clients early and quickly. Do online research to learn if you need licenses. As well, some areas require first aid training for you to be an official dog walking enterprise.

Of course, dog walking is not strictly “walking the dog.” There is a collection of methods used to keep a dog healthy and alert. A dog walking business does not need to be restricted to walking. If you have a passion for dogs (and you most certainly must) you will likely find it fascinating to explore other methods of dog health. Exploring these other options allow you to edge above any potential competitors. Even further, it simply allows you to offer more services that appeal to more people. Perhaps grooming or watching is in order. Fill the demand of the local people and always be willing to venture into other categories of care to satiate growing your business.

Limiting yourself to dogs is detrimental. Always consider the option of exploring other animal behaviors and upkeep as you grow your business from one client to many. Not all customers only have dogs. Many have needs for other animals. Cats and even rabbits and ferrets are all, though niche animals, still have owners who may desire your services. Imagine the variety as you walk a ferret one day and a dog another!

Expanding yourself into dog running is especially important. Many want not only healthy pets, but athletic ones. Consider running as an option. As well, always consider taking more than one dog. Perhaps your specific niche is providing services for one dog at a time. People may appreciate your exclusivity and one-on-one time with their pet, and you may be able to charge more for that. But taking multiple dogs at once is almost required to save time and maximize potential.

As you begin the business, you may restrict yourself to dog walking. As your business expands, it will be necessary to evolve into other arenas of pet care. Taking care of other pets such as cats, pet sitting, and pet grooming may all be viable outlets to be explored. But as you establish your name in the local community, always strive to provide the most impeccable care possible. Do not assume that because a pet cannot talk, it is not reflecting how it was treated. Owners who value your service are likely to be very invested in the well-being of their pet. No owner is willing to financially spend for your services if they are not interested in their pet. This is an important aspect to consider.

Your customers will, undoubtedly, absolutely love their pets. Almost like children, treating the pet with quality care is at the very core of your business.

If you reflect proper treatment, and are willing to expand, you will find customers supplying you with more dogs than you can handle. Use free online methodologies to discover customers, as well as ‘cold calling” the area to find those in need of the service. Use your intelligence. It would be unwise to search apartment complexes for business, as pets are often not allowed. Yet it would be wise to venture through retirement communities or family communities- the former being too frail to properly care for the pet they love, the latter simply too busy. Dog walking is an astoundingly personal business. Explore dog walking in the vein of child care. Your customers love their pets dearly. Provide impeccable service quality and options, and continue to love the pets as if they are your own. Your transparency will make you trustworthy, and it is trust that will supply you with business for years and years to come.