Can You Learn Lessons from Shows Like Dragons Den or Shark Tank?

Most small business owners have an interest in these shows.  They are basically shows that allow entrepreneurs to throw out their business ideas in an attempt to get some money to help them start up their business.  Every season, there are some great lessons that can be learned by entrepreneurs everywhere.  These include:

Understand Your Business’s Value

Many entrepreneurs don’t really focus on the valuation of their business.  They will put a really high value on their idea, and it may be really out there.  This is usually what they consider to be the emotional value of their business.  The best way to understand business value is by doing research and studying numbers ahead of time.

It’s Likely You Will Give Up Part of Your Business to Your Investors

These shows will usually request about half of the company.  This usually comes as a surprise to the person presenting their business idea.  Investors will want to have some control in your business, or be able to partner with you on decisions made on behalf of the business.  This is something that entrepreneurs should be ready to negotiate.

Understand Your Numbers

While you may understand the value of your business, you will also want to know the details and statistics.  This will include knowing your target market, your profits and expenses, and other financial data.  Investors will want to know this information as well.  This will help to show them that you know what you are doing when it comes to starting a business.

Make a Few Sales

Before people will be willing to invest in your business, they will want to know that you are going to be productive.  You will need to make a few sales ahead of times.  People that pitch business ideas without having any upfront sales usually don’t get very far.  Make some contacts and get a few contracts to help you get the financial support that you need.

A Good Story is Vital

Just because you have a great business idea, it doesn’t mean that people will be ready to jump in and help you out.  You will need to have a good story behind your business idea that helps to make it personal.

Know Your Investors

Knowing your audience is the key when making a business presentation.  You will want to know the investors, and know about the types of businesses that they invest their money in most often.  With this in mind, you will be able to create a presentation that is tailored to them.