Do You Have a Long Distance Relationship with Your Food?

Many Canadians are realizing that the long distance relationship that they have with their food isn’t in their best interest. Many customers are looking for ways to find local food rather than eating foods that are imported from other areas.This includes local fruits that are picked fresh from the vines, eggs that are collected from local farms, and many other local foods.People who eat local foods are generally called locavores, and it is definitely becoming the popular way to go.If you are in the local food business, then you will definitely want to learn more about the people who want to shop locally.

One thing that people may not consider buying local is artisan cheese; however, in Canada, it is one of the fastest growing local food industries out there.There are a variety of unique cheeses that are made in Canada, and many of them are receiving great reviews from Canadians- border to border.Some popular types of locally made cheese include goat milk cheese made in Saltspring Island, buffalo mozzarella cheese made in Ontario and cheddar cheeses made in Prince Edward Island.

By decreasing the distance that food must travel, it helps customers to reduce their costs.This is because there are fewer financial responsibilities for local food.After all, transportation costs are drastically lower!  There are a variety of other benefits to consider as well.For instance, when buying locally, it helps to support the local economy and it also provides fresher foods.

Here are a few things to consider when you decide to sell local foods:

  • Take a look at community supported agriculture models to learn how to increase the capital at the beginning of each year.Customers will then be able to become members of the farm, and they will be able to get fresh foods throughout the year.
  • Consider putting your local foods in local farmers’ markets.This is a great way to ensure that your foods are out there and in reach for those customers that prefer to buy locally.
  • Talk to the restaurants in your area.Sometimes they will be willing to buy local foods as well, which can increase your business.
  • These are all great tips that will help those who want to be a part of the local food business.