Myths You May Have Heard About Essential Skills

Some businesses do not understand the importance of essential skills in the workplace.In fact, there are many myths out there that business owners hear all the time about these skills.Take a look at these myths and see how they are misleading.

Myth #1

If a business hires a high school or college graduate, there is no need for essential skills training.

The truth:  There is really not much truth in this statement at alIn fact, many of the high school and college graduates don’t walk away with the essential skills that are required in the workplace.  Even if they were exposed to these skills, if they have not been in use they may not be very strong.Businesses should continue the training process ongoing.Learning is really not something that should ever end.

Myth #2

If a business recognizes their employees function well, there is no need for essential skills training.

The truth:  Studies have shown that over 5 million Canadians don’t have the skills that are necessary to succeed in this ever changing business world.Essential skills training is very important when it comes to ensuring that employees are able to adapt to the changes in the business world.

Myth #3

Training for essential skills is not really something that employees consider to be a perk when working for a particular company.

The truth:  When a business trains on essential skills, it can provide the employees with a variety of advantages.There is an increase in productivity, better health and safety in the workplace, fewer errors and better employee loyalty.This can be an added perk for both the employees and the employer.

Myth #4

Not all businesses will require essential skills in order to be successful.

The truth:  Just about every job out there will require a certain level of essential skills.These skills help to provide a foundation for the other skills that will be learned in the workplace.

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