Starting an Organizer Business For Under $100

There are a few skills in the repertoire of human capability that seem to be essential in succeeding. These include communicating with people, writing emails; perhaps brushing your teeth. Pointedly, being a good organizer can make life in every little nook and cranny far more accessible and easy to live. The clutter of a house can make the walls thicker and the ground less visible. The disorganization in an office can cause permanent loss of paperwork beneath a mountain atop a desk, making it impossible to see a client on the other side. These are only barely exaggerations. Some people are not capable of keeping up with their mess, and they must hire professional organizers to assist at the job.

Being a professional organizer has different facets. For one, organizing can involve actual cleaning. You may find a client who needs you to, quite literally, clean their entire property. This may be an interesting route to take, but perhaps only a good place to start. As you clean an office, home, or property, do so with strategy in mind. Strategically clean, don’t be a maid. You are not being hired for your ability to grind and clean up a mess. Clients want you to do so impeccably. Another angle to take is one of following through. You may clean a property, but afterwards, you indirectly enter the lives of the client by teaching those methods to keep their area clean. People who hire you are naturally disorganized. There is a lot more money to be made in trying to change and alter the rudimentary actions of people. You can always clean a property and walk away. But always consider teaching people how they can be clean, and keeping it consistent as they go months into the future- and months into possible clutter.

As an organizer, you may take the approach of manufacturing and selling product. As others clean a property, and others use psychologically methods to wean a client off of disorganization, you may offer a niche product. These products may be file cabinets or hardware that allows for easy organization. It could be a device that is invented or simply a business that sells notebook dividers. Be creative! Just like any successful sales business, use the demand for quality organization to produce a product that is effective and useful. Potential customers are craving for something to assist in their organization.

As technology advances, and content goes digital, you may find the job of organizing in a physical sense less prevalent. This trend is not just a trend, but a social revolution. As books go electronic and entire databases go digital, the path is to a realm of computer-based enterprises. This has, inevitably, caused digital clutter. This type of clutter is far different than physical clutter. An organizer may not traditionally specialize in electronic clutter, but this could be the very niche you hold onto as you grow your business and stand above the competition. If you want to explore a more unconventional path to success in organizing, perhaps it is worth exploring the software and means to offer customers a service that deters electronic clutter. You can combine electronic clutter with the follow through method of teaching customers how to stay on top of their disorganization.

In all actuality, organizing many different methods contained in its practices. In the beginning, find what is most relevant and possible for you. With a small budget, you may find yourself organizing property, or perhaps taking a computer-based path. Always remember, you are not a “cleaner.” This is an entirely different business and arguably, has less potential. Always put to focus your goal of organizing, whether short term or long term.
People, who are disorganized, may be extremely embarrassed of their situation. As they let you into their home or office, or computer space, remember that the discomfort level may be off the radar. Make ure the customer is comfortable and be warm to them as a doctor would a patient in troubling times. Being welcomed to organize a mess is an intimate matter. If you can establish a trust with a customer on a one-on-one basis, it will work wonders in obtaining referrals and prolonged business in the field.

It is easier to keep a customer than earning a new one. This is applicable in product sales, but just as much so in a service industry. Follow through with a customer after an initially organization. Use that customer to advance your business. For one, you follow through and build a relationship with them. You may want to get advice on what is working and what is not from them. This will give you ideas on what type of product to produce if you were to ever enter into product sales for your organization business. Is shelving required? Are notebook dividers useless? By getting feedback from a customer and by following through, you’re showing your interest, increasing your chances of them referring you and asking for long term business (if you haven’t offered it already).

The people you are dealing with will be troubled and vulnerable. It is simply the nature of the service you are providing. Keep that in mind as you intimately make interactions with customers in vulnerable locations, such as their personal office or home. Consider expanding as you grow your business from its roots to other strategies entirely. Computers are just one innovative direction, but with creative forethought, you may be able to implement other means to assist in this business opportunity. Organization can be truly rewarding. You are providing a service that is beneficial to their health and satisfaction. If you do it well, you will provide quality assistance that may change their lives entirely. As you look at your business prospects and continue to obtain clients, you may struggle to find motivation. But as each client confirms their satisfaction and positively changes their life in everlasting ways that may be all the motivation you need.