How to Start a Sports Business With Less Than $100

Sports are universal. Every culture, through every century, has fostered the “art” of sports for almost uncannily reminiscent entertainment purposes. The people behind the sports use it for financial means, and the fans use it to be entertained during a Monday night session of good ol’ American football. Sports are thriving, and have been, and there seems no end in sight for the subculture that knows no bounds and loves its catching, throwing, kicking, and competition.

For a business, sports culture is as vibrant as any. It seems that every medium has its thumb on the pulse of the sport underbelly. Journalism reports on sports as news, informing fans of various events in the world of sports. Television networks air sports, and use their fan base to determine the course of how sports flow from one game to another. Even businesses far removed from the sports industry seem to use it to gauge trends. And of course, the sporting industry can be reflected upon on simply HOW to market properly, an industry simply blossoming in success, finances, and a powerful future.

Oh, and the players play the game for paychecks- or for fun- it depends on their level.

So the greater position isn’t as much if you are going to begin a sports oriented business (if you like sports, yes. If no, then probably no) but what angle you are going to tackle.

So I ask you, what angle are you good at?

The sports industry has a rather disarming barrier-of-entry. High School sports acts as a nice way to enter into the industry without being overwhelmed by the prospect of players making $20 million a year. Even further, college sports are the ultimate haven for balancing financial success with consistent integral sports playing and excitement. But the reigning champ in the sports industry is, undoubtedly, the professional sports realm. In no other realm is wearing face make-up and having philosophical discussions more appropriate. In no other industry is loyalty more revered and betrayal more reviled. The sports industry is merciless and imposing, but remarkably self-sustaining. Beginning a sports business isn’t much more than grasping the very concept of sports in the modern day.

Sports are a team game. Make it a team endeavor. Any idea in the industry will warrant a team effort, because people connect with other people in different ways. But with a small budget, and a lack of patience, you need something creative and focused. The great thing about the sports industry is the very differentiation available at your mercy. There are many barriers available to entering and succeeding in the sports industry. But there are many ways to enter, and being a small business owner, that is all you need. Try contemplating ideas that are creative. Because of the variety within the genre itself, there are many business models you can hold true while still being unique. For example, merchandising is a powerful way to enter the sports business world. If your product is fascinating, marketable, and unique, you may find yourself with more demand than you can supply.

Even further, managing is an entry to the industry that has possibility. Getting connected with a valuable player or network, can arise opportunities for yourself as a business owner. If you understand the game, you can find a player to manage that you trust. Try joining sports websites, message boards, and forums to find out the trends in the industry. You, of course, need to go to games and seek out players individually. But by going to college level games, and seeking out a strong network, you tend to come across people who either had the same goals and are there or are just like you.

In the sports industry, use a team mentality. Be willing to sneak your way through people and find a comfortable niche to settle briefly. Do not misguide yourself. No, it is unlikely you will create an entirely new sport to rival Canada’s hockey. But you may be able to take established norms and devise quality products or services around that.

Look at your location. Look at your talents. Combine these two to develop a product or service you can supply with quality. For example, you may adore soccer. You may also live in Brazil. You can sell custom soccer balls with Brazil’s country flag.

This is an extreme example, and also a relatively obvious one. But use your intelligence to devise a sports business plan that is marketable as well as being a passion of yours. The sports business industry is absolutely swarming in potential. Sure, it is an established industry, and you are not going to reinvent the wheel. But by exploring the events, networking appropriately, and getting actively involved, you are bound to meet people with as much passion as you. Do not misdirect yourself to something, but have focus on delivering an original entity that you can see remaining successful in the sports sector.