Using Social Media When Launching New Products

Small businesses often times find it difficult to get the word out there when they have new products or services.  Social media can really be a great help when it comes to this.  The key is to remember that it is not something that happens automatically.  Here are some tips that will help you when it comes to using social media to help out your product launch.

Don’t wait until after you launch your product

So many people find wait until the last minute to promote new products or services.   It is really important to focus on your online social media presence and build it up ahead of time.  It can sometimes take a year to get a good following to use for marketing.  You must first build the community before you are able to market your products and services.

Offer great deals

You might be really excited about the new products and services that you have to offer, but other people may not be as excited about it as you would like.  You may think that the features and benefits will sell themselves, but that is often times not the case.  Use your blogs and social media sites to offer specials.  You can offer time sensitive discounts, free trials, gifts and other great deals.

Pair social media with other promotions

If you are planning to send out an email blast announcing your new product or service, you will want to link your social media pages when you do so.  This will allow them to see more about what you are offering.  You can also encourage people to follow you on Twitter.

Add a personal touch

If you are planning to alert your followers about a new product or service, you might want to encourage them to support you by sharing your announcement.  You can offer special discounts and offers to those that are willing to share what you have to say.

Don’t be too personal with strangers

When you are asking for people to share your news, don’t get too frivolous with it.  You won’t want to approach the people that you don’t really know.  This can prove to be phony.  A good idea is to target high profile social media persons to see if they will help you out.  Just remember to remain professional about it.

Don’t promote old products as new ones

If you have an old product, you should never introduce it as being new.  You should stay authentic and genuine on your social media sites.  If you don’t, then you can find yourself with negative reviews and comments from people that recognize the old product.

Encourage social sharing

When people order your products or services, then you might want to ask them to share their purchase with their friends.  This should not be something that is done in a pushy manner.  You can do it gently and effectively.