Your Business Plan – Production Planning

No matter what industry your business is in, you will want to have a thorough business plan. This will allow investors to see how well you can manage your business without overspending. One thing that you need to focus on is production planning. This will include the following details:

Facilities and Assets

  • Floor plans and location of your actual facility
  • Capacity for necessary materials and equipment
  • Whether you own or lease your facility
  • Information about your suppliers
  • Quality of company equipment
  • Access to necessary transportation
  • Future plans for growth
  • Renovation ideas and costs involved

Supplies and Materials

  • Reliability of business suppliers
  • Storage facility options
  • Regulations and permits required
  • Risks involved with business supplies and materials

Personnel Information

  • Number of past, present and future employees
  • Chart organizing your staff
  • Costs of any training needed for your employees
  • Compensation package information
  • Benefit package information

Operations Information

  • Industry standards for environmental, health and safety issues
  • Government regulations set forth regarding health and safety
  • Amount of time needed to get your business up and going

When you detail the operations of your business in your business plan, your investors will be able to see that you have everything together and that you mean business.