Techniques for Improving Your Keyword Research

Are you following the same keyword research techniques that everyone else is following?  Do you find yourself using Google Keywords tools to find the best keywords for your site?  If so, then you may find that you are not targeting the keywords that are on the rise.  You may also be targeting the keywords that are entirely too competitive.  You will want to find some sort of common ground in between the two.  Here are a few other tools that can be used to help you find the best keywords for your site.

Google Global Market Finder

This is a tool that will tell you more about the popularity of certain keywords based on countries.  It also helps you to learn more about the competition for that keyword, the search volume for the keyword, and other related keywords.  This tool is especially useful for those people that want to extend their business into new markets.

Google Trends

If you are interested in seeing the forecast for a particular keyword in the upcoming months, then Google Trends is a great tool for you to consider.  You can view certain keywords and learn more about how the keyword has performed in the past.  This will also give you a bit of information about the projections for the keyword in the future.

Google Insight

Google insights is a great tool that will give you a lot of useful information that can be used to hone in your keyword research.  You can search by web, image, product and news.  This will give you details based on each of these filters.  You can also change the country, categories and the time range.  This tool will give you details of the history of the keyword, and predictions for the future.  If you see that the predictions are going down, then you might want to learn more about the reasons why.  Sometimes it may just be a seasonal drop.

Google Instant

This is a tool that has been used by many, but some people may not really consider it when it comes to doing keyword research.  It can really help you learn more about what people are currently searching for.