Thai Military Declares Coup: Worth The Risk?

When I say worth the risk, what I mean to say is it worth the risk of doing business and (potentially losing money) in Thailand and other countries around the world, like Ukraine.

In today’s one world type government that “the conspiracy theorists” preach about, it’s more important than ever to understand the risks involved when you’re not only about to do business but also investing time, money and energy overseas, especially if you’re a small business. Remember, even large companies have gone belly up when they invade other counties with their products and services, can you do it and be successful at it, which is the billion dollar question!

I am often asked about outsourcing work, or starting up operations in counties where labor is a fraction of that in the western world. The answer in my head is usually the same, however instead of answering the question I ask one. That question was, is what you’re planning to outsource an integral part of your business?

I myself faced this same problem when starting-up my last major venture. I had offices in Canada, Europe and the United States as well as the British Virgin Islands – each country with its own set of rules and what may be legal in one country is illegal in another – vice versa, and In 2011, at the height of the European financial crisis I decided I was not prepared or willing to deal with another fall out like the one I witnessed in 2008, 09 and 10, and made the decision to consolidate all the business units and move them back to a place where I would be able to effectively manage them and that was the United States.

The answer to the above question if it’s an integral part of your business then don’t to it.