The Benefits of Internships for Both Businesses and Interns

Internships can definitely be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Interns can offer a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm to the workplace, and businesses can give interns some hands on experience to help get them started in their field.

Here are some things that interns can bring to the table:

  • A wide array of new technological skills
  • New research projects
  • Growth to certain areas of your business
  • Mentoring programs that help boost morale

Interns can be really valuable employees. You can determine the length of their employment up front. Generally, interns will only be on the payroll for up to a year. Interns are usually people who have recently graduated and have the education that they need, but lack the hands on experience needed to have success in their field.

There are other great benefits that come along with hiring interns, such as government funding programs. The Small Business Internship Program can actually provide up to 75% of the wages for your interns.

It is important to remember that interns have the same responsibilities and rights as all of your other employees. Interns should also be registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. This will insure that they have the same rights as the other longer term employees.

Whether you are looking for help on a simple project, or you need help establishing an online presence, you will want to consider hiring an intern. Interns can be great for small businesses. Remember that they have a lot of potential and enthusiasm to bring to the table.