The Benefits of Understanding Your Sharers

Behaviors of customers and consumers have been evolving for as long as we can remember. Because of this, marketplaces change as well. There are many influencers that have a big impact on these changes. These include digital channels, word of mouth, and social media. People are finding new ways to share about businesses with their friends and family. Businesses need to understand this in order to adapt to an ever changing business world.

One thing that customers are sometimes confused about is the activity that they should do in order to get involved in these social areas. They may be focused on the wrong aspects of social media marketing, such as trying to get more fans or more followers. More fans and followers does not necessarily mean that there will be more sales made as a result.

People share the word about certain businesses, and they have been for many years. What has changed is the way in which they share the information. Businesses will need to learn more about sharing their business in order to be able to focus on bringing in new clients. It is a good idea to come up with something that will help to get your customers engaged.

Studies have shown the following:

  • Over half of all sharers will share information about businesses because they feel that it will be helpful for their friends.
  • There are several types of sharers out there.
  • Businesses must understand what is going on in the social media world in order to better connect with their customers.
  • There are different online channels that have more or less influence then others.
  • Email sharing is still the most popular form of sharing.

Connect with customers that will share your business with their friends, and ultimately you will be able to build a stronger client base.