What is Patch Management Software for Small Business?

Has your IT consultant, business partner, or tech-savvy friend suggested remote patch management software to help beef up your information security? Did the idea come into conversation after complaints about constant update prompts, or the amount of time you spend updating each computer in your network manually? If you’re wondering what patch management can do for your business, this guide has your answer.

In short, patch management software allows you (or your network administrator) to download, review, schedule, and deploy software updates automatically. Most of these programs focus specifically on your primary operating system but others can tackle third-party programs like browsers and plugins automatically as well. Simply put, the best patch management tool for the job is the one that can update all of your regularly used software from one central application.

The good news is that these programs are inexpensive and easy to find, and generally easy to use as well. There is no excuse for any small business to let their important software grow outdated.

How Patch Management Can Make Your Business More Secure

Information thieves are trickier than most people think – they don’t even have to try to find your business, their automated bots will do it on their own. Many of these bots will even add that valuable information to their online databases automatically, and those databases are then sold to marketers who want to target your customers and clients. Most of the time human interaction isn’t even involved.

This isn’t good for your business, and it isn’t good for your clients. We don’t even want to mention the slowdowns and data loss caused by viruses that target outdated software. Keeping everything patched and updated is the most important line of defense against malicious characters that are looking for those easy exploits.

In addition to the incredible security benefits of regularly patched software, you’ll quickly find that fully updated software provides a range of other advantages to your small or medium-sized business. Software updates contribute to better, faster performance in addition to the occasional new feature or improved capabilities. Employees will no longer spend valuable company time updating that software manually or asking questions about said updates.

Even without a dedicated IT department, your business can stay up to date with a single piece of patch management software. Don’t let those pending updates accumulate – check out your options today and start pre-scheduling those patches as soon as possible.