The Customer Is Always Right

The title of the article is an adage that you know well, but it often becomes something that businesses seem to forget. While we all know that the customer is not actually always correct, that does not change the fact that as a business, you need to make the customers as happy as possible. Today, when it is simple for the customer to go online and start posting negative reviews and social media posts, it is more important than ever before. Still, many companies who are not well-versed in the social graces of the web, and of social media in particular, find trouble.

One of the biggest problems comes from lashing out at someone on social media because they said something negative about the company. Of course, the conversation generally starts out civilly enough on the part of the company. However, customers may say or do something that irritates the person who is running the social media account. It’s important to remember that whenever real people are interacting, there is the potential for conflict. Sometimes, the person running your social media site says something out of frustration or anger.

The customer and the rest of the Internet take offense to it and then it seems as though everyone has an opinion on your company. Unfortunately, this rarely ends well for the company in question. When you are dealing with customers in any capacity, online or offline, you have to keep calm and in control at all times. It needs to be a part of your branding and your overall message. Anyone who is working with your company on your site and on social media needs to know the best way to deal with customer complaints to keep everyone happy.

Having a management system in place to deal with all manners of online reputation management is essential today. Reviewing interactions between your online personnel and the customers is important too. Some companies that are having trouble managing their reputations have taken to outsourcing the work to other companies who specialize in the field. It is very similar to hiring a PR firm, and it can work out very well. The last thing you need is for your company to gain notoriety because someone in charge of your social media berated a customer on Twitter or Facebook.