The Difference Between SEO and Brand Building

Two very important factors that businesses must consider include building their brand awareness and improving their SEO tactics.  How do these two factors come together in your marketing plan when they are very much different.

If your business doesn’t really have a lot of brand awareness on the internet, then you will want to optimize your site to help build your rank so that people might be able to learn more about your brand name.  There are not too many people out there that will look for specific items that you sell if they are not really familiar with your business.

This is also true for the flip side; if you want to have a successful business then you will want to make sure that your brand is recognized.  You don’t just want to build your ranking up high.  There are many businesses out there that don’t do so well when it comes to organic search results but they are still a leading company in their industry.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect balance:

Analyze Your Branding Potential

You will want to decide whether or not you should focus more on building up your brand or boosting your search rankings.  If you are just looking to sell some stuff online and make some extra money, then you will likely be better off just focusing on your SEO.  If you want to expand your presence on the web, then you might want to split your efforts down the middle.  You can increase your brand recognition by posting comments on industry specific sites and social networking sites.  You can also target the keywords that are more generic for your industry.

Try Using Personalized Search

Google has recently launched a new form of search called “Search, Plus Your World.”  This is a search feature that displays the items that will be most relevant to someone based on personal connections.  For instance, if you subscribe to various blogs about a certain topic, you might get search results based on these blogs.  This is true, even if the blogs are not strong enough to rank high on the results.

This can really be great when it comes to your brand building.  Companies that establish their brands well are a lot more likely to be on blogs and other social networking sites.

Create the Perfect Mix

No matter what type of industry you are in, you will want to focus on both brand building and search engine optimization.  You won’t have to focus on one or the other.  If you feel like one of them is more important than the other, then you can try to tie them together using blogs and social media.