The Effects of a Negative Online Reputation

Many people do not realize right away just how bad it can be to have a negative online reputation. They may not feel that it is important, and they may not initially understand how it can affect their business and their personal life. Let’s look at some of the ways that having a bad rep online will hurt you.

Lost Employment Opportunities

If you have been posting negatively online, or if someone has been saying bad things about you, it could limit your employment opportunities. Companies may start to see you as a risk. For example, if you have been posting bad things about the company that you are currently working for, the company that is considering hiring you imagines you will be saying the same things about them online in six months. They have to watch their reputations too.

Lost Customers

When customers are looking up your business, they typically use search engines such as Google. If the first results that show up are negative reviews, you attacking customers on social media, and other bits of negativity, those customers will not be patronizing you. They will move on to one of your competitors who have a better reputation. It is as simple as that. There are plenty of other options out there, so they do not want to settle for something they see as a risk.


The Internet is a vast space filled with anonymous people, and others who don’t mind using their name, who will attack your company for things they perceive as being negative. They will go out of their way to find out how to find your social media accounts, your email, and more. In some cases, they will continue to deluge you with more negativity aimed directly at you. That’s not something that anyone wants to have happen.

Lost Friends

When you have a negative reputation, even in those cases where it is not deserved, you may find that your friends and associates online start to distance themselves from you. They do not want to have your negative reputation rub off onto them.

If you have a negative reputation online right now, or you simply want to avoid the matter entirely, you should consider working with a professional reputation management company. They can help you build a positive reputation.