The Importance of Privacy in Small Business

Today, everything is driven by technology.With that in mind, it is difficult to ensure privacy at all times. Many small businesses will have a lot of personal information on file when it comes to their clients, and it is vital that this information is kept safe, secure and private. Another thing to consider when it comes to privacy is the type of information that is collected by small business.

The Canada Office of the Privacy Commissioner has developed a tool that will help small businesses with their goals for privacy. It will also help them to create a privacy policy that will be suitable for their needs.This tool helps to asking a series of questions that will help to determine that types of information that is necessary to collect in order to do business effectively. This will help to lower the amount of information that is collected by the business. It also help to ensure that everything they include in their privacy policy is attainable.

When using this tool, you will be able to use basic analysis of your answers in order to determine your specific needs.

The privacy plan that will be created will include the following: 

  • A business information audit
  • Business consent provisions
  • A plan for security
  • A privacy brochure that may be shown to customers
  • A training tool that will help to assess the needs of the business

Using the tool put out by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner can definitely be a great way to set your business on the right track for privacy.