The Pros and Cons of Being a Celebrity

Many children dream of becoming a rock star or a famous actress when they grow up. However, is being a celebrity really all that great? There are definitely some positives for celebrities but there are also many negative aspects of celebrity too.

VIP Access

One of the biggest perks of being a celebrity is having VIP access to all sorts of events and venues. Celebrities don’t have to worry about getting into clubs and restaurants. In fact, they are often paid thousands of dollars just to hang out and party at different nightclubs. Tickets to different plays, concerts, ballets, performances and movies are absolutely no problem if you are a celebrity. Everyone wants to spread the word that an A-list celebrity was in the audience at an event. These tickets are often even complimentary.

Money, Money, Money

Another huge perk of celebrity status is the money that comes along with it. When a person is famous, there are tons of different ways to make money that most “ordinary” people wouldn’t even think of. They can be a spokesperson for a product by endorsing it in commercials and magazines. These endorsement deals can be worth tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Many things that regular people have to buy are simply given to celebrities. Companies use pictures of a celebrity using their product as another way of endorsing the use of it. Also, when it comes to work, celebrities have pay rates for a day that top what most of us make in an entire year!


Celebrities are recognized everywhere they go. This can be a positive thing – such as getting into restaurants without reservations and having great fans ask for autographs. However, this can also be a negative thing, as celebrities sometimes encounter people who are rude to them specifically because of their celebrity status. Some people have also been known to hit up celebrities for money simply because they know they have it. Even the sweetest fan can intrude on a celebrity’s privacy by asking for autographs at a bad time or simply wanting to “hang out.”


One of the most negative aspects of being a celebrity is constantly having to deal with paparazzi. These photographers are always lurking, waiting to catch someone famous in a bad picture. They have been known to hang out in trees trying to take pictures of a celebrity sunbathing topless, falling down or having a wardrobe “malfunction.” Many famous people have also been caught in car chases with the paparazzi following them at break neck speeds to catch a photo. This is not only an invasion of privacy, but can also be extremely dangerous.


Stalkers can be another extremely negative aspect of celebrity life. Some mentally unstable fans have been known to write creepy letters, make harassing phone calls and even threaten celebrities on occasion. They are sometimes even found lurking around a celebrity’s private residence. In fact, several celebrities have been killed by stalkers.

The life of a celebrity isn’t always as fantastic as it may seem to be. They are people, just like the rest of us, and experience a variety of highs and lows throughout their lives. Their fame does have some fabulous perks, but it does come with a significant amount of drawbacks as well.