The Responsibility of Keeping Records of Employment

Business owners are required to keep records of employment for each employee on their payroll.  This record should include information about the hours worked, compensation earned, and any leave taken- including maternity leave, adoption leave and other forms of leave.This record should be completed within a certain amount of time after the employee leaves the company and given to Service Canada.

This is the sole responsibility of the employer.It can be used to calculate eligibility of benefits, amounts of benefits received, and the length of eligibility for benefits.

When you submit this information timely, you can cut down on insurance fraud and other issues that may arise.This is why the deadlines are so strict.Employers have just five business days to submit this information either online or on paper.

If you plan to order the forms over the phone, it can take up to ten business days to receive them.If you prefer to use the internet to get the forms, then you will need to designate a representative for your company.They will have to register at one of the Service Canada Centres to get a code for accessing the information online.It can take up to three weeks, but once it is done you don’t have to do it again.

Who can complete the Record of Employment?

  • HR representatives that handle payroll
  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants
  • Contractors that handle payroll

If you need more information regarding record of employment, it is a good idea to contact Service Canada.They can give you any information needed to submit these forms correctly.