The Top 3 Personality Types that Can Be Harmful to Your Business

There are definitely some quick fads that hit the business world from time to time that provide quick ways to make money.  When you think about it, businesses that are built on solid foundations are usually the ones that can stay in the game when the economy is unsteady.  While trendy is great, a solid foundation is even better.

In 2013, there are going to be some great business trends that can be both trendy and stable.  Here are a few things that you can look forward to in 2013:

Data – Most entrepreneurs are embracing the Cloud.  They have entirely too much data to effectively store and manage in-house.

Domestic Manufacturing – Outsourcing manufacturing overseas has been all the craze over the past decade, but domestic production and manufacturing is definitely making a comeback.  Labor is more affordable, shipping costs are higher, and more people buy goods that are manufactured in their home country.  These are all factors that are promoting domestic manufacturing.

Workspace – The traditional idea of a business or office is fading away.  Offices are beginning to look and feel different.  Many people are even choosing a home office.

Fun Management – This day and age, more and more managers and business owners understand that it is important to have fun in the workplace.  That doesn’t mean constant goofing off, but fun can be very valuable.

Cosmeceuitcals – The cosmetic industry is definitely taking a leap forward.  More consumers are looking for personal care products and cosmetics that are advanced.

Hot Sauce – This one may sound a bit strange, but the truth of the matter is that ketchup is on the decline and the hot sauce industry is one of the fastest growing industries in North America.

Energy Drinks – Young consumers turn to energy drinks to help give them a boost.  This is an industry that has grown exponentially over the years.

Digital Health Care – This day and age, everything seems to be going digital.  Technological advances in the health care industry is really making it’s mark.

Customer Service – Customers are realizing that more and more businesses are making promises that they won’t adhere to.  They are looking to the brands that can be trustworthy.

Vending Machines – Recently, vending machines have taken a huge step toward innovation.  They are using touchscreen technology along with electronic payment methods to boost their success.

Creative Financing – The traditional forms of business lending are on their way out the door.  Borrowers are having to become more creative in order to get the funding that they need.