The Top 3 Personality Types that Can Be Harmful to Your Business

Studies over the years have shown that there are certain personality traits that can prove to be harmful to businesses.  Take a look at these personality types and become aware of them.  You will want to be able to point them out during the interview process to avoid hassle down the road.


This is actually one of the worst personality types to have in your workplace.  It is really easy to hire someone that is narcissistic.  They will often seem to be very charismatic and self confident.  This can really make it difficult to avoid a mishire.  Narcissistic people will usually be very manipulative, and they can also be careless when it comes to their commitments.  They may also refuse to admit when they have made a mistake.  They usually ACE an interview, but later down the road it can be a completely different story.

So, how do you spot the Narcissist?  Generally, you should keep an eye out for cockiness.  Most of them will be highly self-confident (almost to the degree of being arrogant).  You should always question their experience with working with others.  If they talk mostly about themselves, then this may be a red flag.

Social Loafing

Generally, a social loafer will be a lot more passive than a narcissist.  Generally, they will be lazy when they are working with a team.  It can be very damaging to your business.  This type of personality can be very problematic, especially in smaller businesses.  These people will get other people to take on their work load, and then take the credit for it.

So, how do you spot the Social Loafer?  It is a good idea for you to take a look at the energy level of the candidate while you are interviewing them.  You can usually pay close attention to what they say and how they say it to get a good sense of their energy level.  Consider taking the candidate for a cup of coffee to see if they keep up with you.

Hyper Emotional

Generally, people will keep their emotions at bay when they are in a job interview.  This makes it hard to pinpoint the hyper emotional people.  Once they get their foot in the door, they will likely want to not follow the rules, have a pessimistic attitude, and whine about everything.  This is basically what people call a chronic complainer.  Their negativity can easily spread and lower the morale in the workplace.

So, how do you spot the Hyper Emotional person?  They really won’t complain while they are in the interview, so it might be a bit difficult.  The best way to spot them is by asking them about their preview job or a previous boss and finding out what they didn’t like about them.  If their response seems a bit rehearsed, ask them to give some specific details.  See how they respond, and take it from there.