The Top Mobile Apps for Search Engine Optimization

Bloggers really love technology on their computers, but now that mobile devices use the web too they are also using them to their advantage.  If you are a serious blogger, then SEO is likely your lifeline for your site.  A great way for you to get better ranks for your site is to look for mobile apps that will boost your SEO tactics even when you are on the go.

There are a variety of SEO apps out there that can help you get new data when you need it.  This will give you some time to focus on the ways that you can update your SEO strategies and help monitor your traffic.  Most of the SEO apps on the market will be highly functional and have features that can help you get higher rankings.

Many bloggers will focus on the SEO side of their content writing.  They think about it when they eat, they dream about it when they sleep, it is on their mind constantly.  Most don’t want to get away from their SEO work, even just for an hour or two.  For these people, these SEO apps can be quite handy:

Site Rank

You can check your site’s rank quickly and conveniently by using the Site Rank app.  You can either get the free version, or you can get the complete version that offers inbound and external link monitoring.


This is definitely the most cost effective app out there.  It offers SERP analytics, inLink activity monitoring and much more.  It costs just $1.99 and can help you keep up with where your page ranks on the various search engines as well.  The design is great, and it really has a lot to offer you.

The SEM Calculator

This is a great tool that can help you estimate the cost of impressions, Cost Per Thousands, click through rates and conversion rates.  If you use Google Adwords or other ad networks to do your marketing, you can use this calculator to help you find the most effective rate to help you boost your campaign.  You can run this app only on Apple products.


You can use SEOSTats’ search bar to check the domain name.  This will give you a quick audit of your site that will help you track where your page ranks.  There is also a feature that gives you more detailed data regarding your SEO.