Tips for Great Workplace Fashion

In today’s highly competitive corporate world, it is important to be dressed as appropriately as possible in whatever work environment you may find yourself in. Whether you work in a corporate Wall Street stock broker’s office or the local coffee shop, there are certain aspects that a person should take into consideration when choosing fashion attire for the workplace.

Ensure That You Dress Appropriately For Your Age

Almost every office has at least one staff member that tries to dress as though they are a few decades younger than they actually are. Not only do they make themselves the laughing stock of the office, but they also do not realize how much their lack of fashion sense can jeopardize their career prospects. It is always important to make fashion choices, which are age appropriate as well as work appropriate. In addition, it is normally advisable to dress a little more on the conservative side than on the fashionable side where the corporate world is concerned. It goes without saying that outfits which reveal more than they hide should be reserved for venues other than the workplace.

Dress According to Your Work Environment

When it comes to making fashion choices within the workplace, it is important to take the actual working environment into consideration. For those who do physical labour, it is far more important to dress practically than fashionably. Safety boots and overalls will be a far better choice on a construction site than fashion- conscious designer jeans and sneakers. When it comes to a professional or corporate environment, a three-piece suit and dress shoes are far more appropriate than jeans, a golf shirt and running shoes. For people who are on their feet a lot at work, it is more important to choose footwear which is comfortable and practical rather than that which is in fashion.

Don’t Dress Too Casually

While some employers may permit jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops or sandals as appropriate fashion attire, this does not mean that a person should arrive at work looking as though they have just crept out of bed. In order to still look respectable while wearing the above-mentioned, it is advisable to press your jeans and ensure that t-shirts have not spent the past month being squashed into the darkest depths of your clothes cupboard. While ripped jeans may be in fashion, they are definitely not appropriate work related attire. Although visible tattoos may be considered as the latest fashion attire at the local nightclub, it is definitely not suitable to have them be visible at work.

While fashion may have different meanings for different groups of people, it is important to remember that workplace fashion is normally very different from that of casual fashion. If you are unsure about choosing appropriate workplace attire, it is always advisable to converse with fellow colleagues who will normally be able to steer you in the right direction, especially if they have been working at the company longer than you have.