Titanic 3D A Success

James Cameron remains well known as an American filmmaker with exceptional 3D talent. The recent release engineered rare 3D effects which included enhanced underwater scenes exploring the wreckage of the Titanic, to ocean debris flying at the audience.

This view-master effect aside, the re-release of Titanic now offers viewers heighten images and clarity which bring the film to life.

Given the recent economic times the portrayal of the rich as villains and Jack as the lovable bohemian have resounded with audiences better than ever.

Titanic has not only rendered the characters crisper and more alive, but the more depressing scenes associated with the tragic event are brought to life. The sinking of the Titanic was already impressive but the new 3D version has settled into the hearts of Americans who reflect upon 9/11 and the human abyss that is. The levels of tragedy and dread incorporated into the film exploit the mass horror and death in terms of the massive ocean liner the same as a massive airplane crashing into a massive building.

With nothing to lose as a fresh face in Hollywood, DiCaprio’s portrayal of Jack in the ever-present love story has nothing to lose and is thereby not repressed by his stardom when living in the moment.

Winslet remains breathtakingly lovely, still trapped by her privilege but allowing herself to become nothing but a girl who quickly becomes a woman. The youth romance colliding with disaster has offered a hauntingly gorgeous structure for the framework of the film, providing new symbols of promise for those who are now entering new realms.

The film brilliantly touched viewers in turns of the human prospect of sudden death for all of those on board with Jack’s final death scene rendering shudders in the silence of vulnerability, reminding everyone of how precious life truly is.

Overall, the weekend release melted the hearts of Americans the same as it did in 1997 and appears as though it will remain a box office success!