Understanding the Reddit Revolution

Reddit has become an internet phenomenon. Understanding how to use the Reddit site is equally as popularly. Learning how to use Reddit can help you personally and in business.

Back in 2005 Reddit was launched and since then users have been dubbed “redditers”. These people are growing by the thousands each day.

What is Reddit and How do I use it?

Reddit is a place where users can vote on web content, stories, or pictures just like a democracy. They vote which ones they like and don’t like and those with the most up votes are moved to the front page. You can gain great exposure for your company by writing compelling content and putting it on Reddit for users to “up-vote”.

One other way you can benefit from using Reddit is that you can spread your brand over Facebook and Twitter, all of which are associated with Reddit. You can then increase your internet search engine presence through exposure on many social networks.

How Do I Get Started Quickly with Reddit?

The same as any other social network, you need to know how to use Reddit if you want to increase your marketing success. You sign up with Reddit the same as other sites. You create your user name and your password and then you begin submitting articles and other content.

Reddit remains similar to other sites such as Digg because there are up and down arrows associated with each page of content. Users click on these to move the content up or down a vote when rating. Each up vote moves your page closer to the front and each down vote moves it further.

How to Submit Links to Reddit

The biggest difference between Reddit and other comparable sites such as Digg is that you can send a URL to Reddit without any categorization process. You can therefore include anything you want when using Reddit. Of course, you do want to avoid making a high sales page, as this will not attract a lot of up votes.

When you do submit links, the process is simple. All you need to do is use the Reddit bookmarklet set. Once people begin to vote upon your link, Reddit when then direct you to the page where it is listed.

Getting on the Front Page

While knowing how to use Reddit is a great means of learning trending topics and branding your business, you need to know how to make it to the front page. In order to do this, your submission should be liked and up voted at least thirty times per hour. While this might seem difficult, it is not as challenging if you understand SEO content and good keywords.

Doing Your Diligence with Reddit

If your article or web content is lucky enough to get to the front page, it will only be there for up to 23 hours. As such, it is not enough to get one article to the front. You need to continually work and submit new content which can be up voted to the front page by Redditors from all over. By doing this you can ensure that your brand name spans the internet.

How to use Reditt and doing your diligence

Diligence is really the key factor to marketing success with Reddit, because front page articles only stay there for a max of 23 hours on average. So you better be constantly working on and creating intriguing content that your audience will love.