Using Mobile Ads on Facebook for App Developers

Facebook has recently come out with a new product for mobile ads that are targeted for app developers.  This helps them to keep track of their audience and keep them engaged.  Facebook has reported that they have sent a lot of users to purchase apps.  In fact, in one month they reported sending people over 146 million times.

Facebook has also stated that mobile ads can be a great way to get people to buy new apps.  When people click on the ads, they are directed straight to the app so that they can purchase it and download it instantly to their phones.

Facebook helps app developers create ad campaigns and monitors and launches them in the App Dashboard.  The app developers are also able to monitor the performance of their apps.  Facebook really wants to focus on the strength of their mobile platform.  Facebook even has their own app store now, which gives developers more opportunity to promote their apps.

This app store is designed for Facebook users that access their apps through Facebook connect.  Developers are able to locate information about certain users interest and target certain audiences based on their likes and interests.

The Facebook app store hopes to expand the number of mobile apps that use Facebook, no matter what operating system they use.  From Facebook, users can see which apps are compatible with their mobile device.

Every app has a detailed page that gives users more information about the apps.  The detail pages are required if you want your apps to be listed and marketing within Facebook’s app store.