Using Social Media the Wrong Way

There are over 800 million Facebook users out there.  Twitter is considered to be the third highest rated out of the social media sites.  Facebook is the first, and YouTube is the second.  Online marketing experts will all agree that the social media platforms can be a great way to market small businesses.  The problem is that many small businesses are using these tools the wrong way.  Here are three of the most common mistakes made, and ways to avoid them:

 Brand Confusion

When you are launching a new business, you will sometimes find that your brand is not really well known.  In the beginning, you will want to be careful about how much you market your business through social media outlets.  If you send out too many blasts, then people will usually get confused about what you have to offer.  They will then feel indifferent about your brand name, which will make it hard for you to make a comeback in your local community.  You should start out by testing your messages within smaller groups.  This will help you refine your brand name before you send it out to everyone.

Sales Messages

While you might be tempted to try to sell on the social media platforms, it is usually not the best idea.  It really doesn’t work most of the time, and can sometimes harm your business.  You can Tweet promotional pricing, brag about your business, or put down your competition, but that really doesn’t make you look very professional.  Use the social media networks to start conversations about what you have to offer.  Also, use it to let people know you are knowledgeable.

Sharing Unrelated Info

While you might be interested in the latest Hollywood happenings, you won’t want to Tweet about it on your company account.  This can lead to a disaster.  It happens a lot.  You should focus on that fine line between being personal and professional and unprofessionalism.  Talk about things that are related to what you have to offer.