Using StumbleUpon to Increase Referral Visits

When it comes to internet marketing, there is really not much that is more important than web traffic.  The more web traffic you have, the more chances you have of making money with your site.  This is why most companies will try to find ways to increase the number of people visiting their site.  There are a lot of ways for you to increase your web traffic.  You might use PPC, direct traffic, organic traffic, and  referrals.

The best way to attract new traffic to your website is through referrals.  This is something that will come through the quality content of your site.  You will also find that your content helps you when it comes to getting organic traffic.

IF you want to get the traffic that will provide you with a high conversion rate, you will want to get more referral traffic.  Sometimes getting referral traffic can be complicated, but you can use the help of certain tools like StumbleUpon to increase the number of referral visits on your site.

What Is It?

StumbleUpon is a site that is used for sharing and bookmarking your website.  It will allow you to share sites that you really love with other people you know and those who might be interested in the sites.  The best way to get people to share your site with StumbleUpon is to provide stellar content.  Stumble will also accept votes from the sites, which can help to promote traffic to your site.

Effectively Using StumbleUpon

First, you will want to make friends and add followers to your site.  The more friends you have on the site, the more traffic you will have to your site.  Having a presence on StumbleUpon will be more effective if you have a lot of friends and followers on your page.

Next, you will want to make a subscription.  You should subscribe to others instead of just waiting for them to subscribe to you first.  You should go out and stumble across articles that interest you to help you draw more attention to your site.  Most people that you subscribe to will return the favor and subscribe to you as well.

Finally, you want to share the site with your friends.  Like most social networks, StumbleUpon will allow you to share the articles with others.  This can really be to your advantage.  You can use it to promote your content to many users at one time.  You can also use it to connect to your friends via personal messages.

These are great ways to use StumbleUpon to increase referral traffic to your site.