Using Viral Content Buzz to Help You Get Tweets and Likes

Online content has often times been viewed as a “something for nothing” industry.  People want their writers to work for little to nothing, their posts to basically promote themselves, and their links to automatically bury themselves on their site.  This is just not something that happens very often.

There are great ways to boost your rankings and build your online presence.  Social media tools have proven to be very effective when it comes helping out your online presence.  It helps to encourage sharing.  Now more than ever there are sites that are offering to help out others in return for the same favor.

Viral Content Buzz is a great site that can be used to help get you more shares for your content.

How It Works

When using Viral Content Buzz, you get shares by giving other people shares.  When you share a post on Facebook or Twitter, you will earn yourself credits.  These credits can help you to boost the visibility of your own posts, which will result in more likes and tweets on your content.

This is not something that is automated.  You basically just share content, and in turn have your content shared.  You don’t have to worry about people posting things on your behalf.  You can pick and choose the content that you want to share.

Signing Up

If you want to sign up for Viral Content Buzz, it is super easy.  You can simply go in and open your account.  After you do this, you can sync your social media accounts by going to the Settings >> Social Accounts tab.  When you get there, you will see both Twitter and Facebook.  They will both use authentication steps to ensure that you get logged in securely.

Once you have logged in, you can choose Add Projects.  This will allow you to post your own content.  You should create a unique description of the content that you are uploading, submit it with the URL, a title, and a category.  If you want it to retweet you, then you will want to choose this option as well.

“Project Budget” should be used to set the amount of credits that you are willing to pay for the project.  You have the ultimate control over how much your content is shared.  If you need to have it shared a lot, then you may have a higher budget than someone without as high demands.  Your budget can also be changed as needed.