Voice Search – What it Means for SEO

Many people use their Smartphones and tablets to search the web.  Google Voice and Siri are offered on most smartphones, and this allows people to search using their voice.  The results of voice search are sometimes different than the search results of traditional sites.  This can change many things when it comes to SEO tactics.

Here are some things that you should consider when developing your SEO campaign and updating it to include voice search:

Keywords are Still Important

Even when using voice search, keywords are ultimately the most important thing to consider.  The average user will probably search for the same phrases on voice search that they would traditional search.  Users might say more complete phrases instead of just keyword phrases.  Most of the search engines will be intuitive when it comes to what people are looking for.  This is why spelling does not really get in the way of traditional search, but it will be even less of a problem when it comes to voice search.

Popularity is Important

People will tend to phrase voice searches a bit differently than they would traditional searches.  For this reason, it may seem to be more like a popularity contest when searching through voice.  They may look for sites that are the “best” or sites that have “great reviews”.  Siri will use sites such as Yelp to help make recommendations based on ratings.

For business owners, it boils down to the website being completely optimized for search engines.  You will also want to keep an eye on your reviews on review sites.  If you see negative comments, it is important that you address the issues to clear it up quickly.  This can help you to be more popular, and can also improve your company image.


When using voice and traditional search, location can be a factor.  Voice searches on mobile devices will usually focus searches within a specific geographical location.  You should make sure that your site, your social media accounts, and your other links have your address and contact info easily accessible.  This will help the search engines to pick up your business locally.

More and more programs are being included on mobile devices, which means that technology is growing exponentially.  Business will need to gain a better understanding of this in order to keep up with a fast paced world around them.