What are some different kinds of unclaimed property?

Has a friend ever repaid you that $20 you forgot you had lent them? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience that surprise on a potentially much larger scale? The truth is there may be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of property or money that you are entitled to. Most unclaimed property becomes abandoned because of a change of address, change of name (due to marriage) or death of the owner. There are many situations that can result in lost or abandoned money, anywhere between having cheques being mailed to the wrong address, to simply forgetting that you are owed money.

Unclaimed property can include the following:

-Dormant Savings and Chequing Accounts and Certificates of Deposit
-Safe Deposit Box Contents
-Uncashed Money Orders, Cashiers Cheques, and Travelers Cheques
-Uncashed Payroll Cheques
-Unused Gift Certificates
-Oil and Gas Royalty Payments
-Uncashed Stock and Mutual Fund Dividends
-Stock Certificates
-Mineral Royalty Payments
-Unclaimed Security Deposits
-Utility Deposits
-Customer Deposits, Overpayments, Credit Balances and Refunds
-Court Deposits
-Insurance Payments
-Probate Court Judgments
-Overlooked Property
-Paid Up Life Insurance Policies
-Uncashed Death Benefit Cheques and Life Insurance Proceeds
-Health and Accident Insurance Payments