What are some ways to save money on heating costs?

Heating your home is usually necessary, and if you live in a cold climate you know how expensive it can be. Luckily there are some simple ways to cut costs without spending a dime. Firstly, you don’t have to heat every room in your house so shut the doors and vents to rooms you barely use. In the rooms you do spend time in, turn down the heat and use space heaters instead. Washing clothes in cold water helps, and by cutting your shower time a little you can actually save up to 33% on your hot water costs! Keep your curtains open so the sun can shine in and heat your home naturally. And remember, if you are ever a little chilly, putting on a warm sweater is much cheaper than turning up the thermostat (you can even put it in the clothes dryer for a few minutes to really get cozy!). By following these tips you’ll be sure to get those warm fuzzy feelings when your heating bill arrive.